Interest in neglected and underutilized species is growing as the potential for these plants to contribute to hunger and poverty alleviation is increasingly realized. There are numerous organizations in addition to Bioversity International carrying out important and interesting research on these species.

    Project Partners

    Partners map. Check out our partners websites to learn more about their work.

    Israel Oliver King (MSSRF) Research papers on work in India

    Stefano Padulosi Research Gate. Research papers connected to the decade long IFAD-NUS project and other research on crop biodiversity

    Other Research Organizations and Initiatives Focused on NUS

    Crops for the Future Research Center. In partnership with the University of Nottingham is a research centre based in Jalan Broga dedicated to neglected and underutilized species.

    The African Orphan Crops Consortium. A consortium based in the World Agroforestry Centre with the goal to improve productivity, nutrition and adaptability of Africa's important food crops, involving screening their genetic diversity.

    Global Facilitation Unit for Underutilized Species. No longer active initiative that passed the torch to Crops for the Future. 

    Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research. An information platform and research organization that aims to enhance the sustainable management and use of agricultural biodiversity for meeting human needs by improving knowledge of all its different aspects.

    FAO Plant Production and Protection Division. Initiative on Traditional and neglected crops under the horticulture and diversification theme.

    Databases of Edible Plant Species

    The Plant List: Extensive list by Kew gardens that aims to include all plant species. 

    The Plant and Fungi Species Browser. Another effort by Kew Gardens with more detailed information on select species.

    FAO Ecocrop database: Provides information on the crop growing requirements and stress tolerances.

    The ‘World Crops Database”: an interesting source with 617 species.

    Food Plants International a commendable effort to compile information on all edible plants

    Plants for a Future database

    Other Useful Resources

    Lugar Centre Resources for Researchers: Orphan Crops. Database intended as a source for researchers, policymakers, students, and the public to become better informed of major recent analysis on global food security.