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Our Publications

Our research on neglected and underutilized species is published in books, journal articles, conference proceedings and other document types. We also share our work in oral presentations and posters. You can access these documents on this page. The most recent 10 publications are displayed initially but we have nearly 200 documents in the database, which you can access by navigating categories of interest using the bar below. The categories that can be toggled are: Research Theme, Crop, Publication Type, Project, and Language.

A policy analysis to promote conservation and use of small millet underutilized species in India

This paper discusses the extent to which national policies and institutions in place in India may favour or affect the conservation and use of NUS.

By Veronica Notaro, Stefano Padulosi, Gea Galluzzi & Israel Oliver King, 2017

Current use of minor millets, trends, and potentials for enhanced consumption in central India

A case study in the programme "Linking agrobiodiversity value chains, claimte adaptation and nutrition: Empowering the poor to manage risk"

By Priyam, S., 2017

Factors linked to millet cultivation and adoption of improved cultivation practices in eastern Madhya Pradesh

A case study in the programme "Linking agrobiodiversity value chains, climate adaptation and nutrition: Empowering the poor to manage risk"

By Priyam, S, 2017

Underutilized crops in the livelihoods, diets, and adaptation practices of Gond farmers in Eastern Madhya Pradesh

Baseline results from the programme "Linking agrobiodiversity value chains, climate adaptation adn nutrition: empowering the poor to manage risk"

By Bioversity International and Action for Social Advancement, 2017

Agricultural biodiversity and women’s empowerment: a successful story from Kolli Hills, India

Factsheet on millet promotion effort in Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu prepared for the CBD meeting 2016

By King, O.I., Padulosi, S., 2017

Making millets matter in Madhya Pradesh

A decline in minor millet cultivation rings true across much of India. Yet a country wide revival of this cereal crop is in motion. Farmers are again...

By Mondal, A., King, I.O., Roy, S.; Priyam, S., Meldrum, G., Padulosi, S., Mishra, S., 2016

Promoting kodo (Paspalum scrobiculatum), kutki (Panicum sumatrense) and other nutritious underutilized species in Mandla and Dindori districts, Madhya Pradesh

Proceedings of project launch conference and national stakeholder consultations for the IFAD-EU NUS Project

By Ashis Mondal, Somnath Roy, Shaji John, Kashi Nath Metya, Ramveer Singh Rajput Stefano Padulosi, and Gennifer Meldrum, 2016

Can agrobiodiversity support healthy foods and healthy eating in India’s School Feeding Programme?

Poster on research carried out in the IFAD-EU NUS Project presented at the 1st International Agrobiodiversity Congress in New Delhi November 2016

By Shambhavi Priyam, Stefano Padulosi, Danny Hunter, Gennifer Meldrum, and Oliver King, 2016

Making millets matter in Madhya Pradesh

Poster on millet promotion work in Madhya Pradesh through the IFAD-EU NUS Project presented at the International Agrobiodiversity Congress in New...

By Ashis Mondal, Somnath Roy, Stefano Padulosi, Shambhavi Priyam and Gennifer Meldrum, 2016

Proceedings 3rd International Conference on Neglected and Underutilized Species: for a Food-Secure Africa Accra, Ghana, 25-27 September 2013

The '3rd international conference on neglected and underutilized species: for a food-secure Africa' was held on 25-27 September in Accra, Ghana. These...

Agricultural biodiversity to manage the risks and empower the poor

Proceedings of the International Conference 27-29 April 2015, Rome, Italy

By Padulosi, S.; Meldrum, G.; Gullotta, G. (eds), 2016

Underutilized crops to enhance resilience and nutrition in Guatemala, India and Mali

Fact sheet describing the IFAD-EU NUS Project

By Bioversity International, 2017

Minor Millets as a Central Element for Sustainably Enhanced Incomes, Empowerment, and Nutrition in Rural India

Article in the journal Sustainability on work promoting minor millets in India through the IFAD-NUS programme

By Stefano Padulosi, Bhag Mal, Oliver I. King and Elisabetta Gotor, 2015

Holistic Value Chain Approach for Neglected and Underutilized Crop Species

Poster on the holistic value chain approach for NUS presented at Indigenous Terra Madre in Shillong, Meghalaya, India and featuring the minor millet...

By Meldrum, G, Padulosi, S. and King, EDIO, 2015

Himalayan Superfoods

Poster on himalayan superfoods shared at festivals in Nepal

By Sajal Sthapit, 2014

Himalayan foods: healthy and nutritious crop varieties

Brief description of eight underutilized crops in rural Nepal that have become the focus of efforts to promote a healthier lifestyle and marketplace...

By Sthapit, B.; Zucker, J.; Bennett, A., 2014

Making it with millets

Article produced in connection with the NUS 2013 Conference in Accra, Ghana describing work on minor millet value chain development in South Asia...

Web Article

Estimating compensation payments for on-farm conservation of agricultural biodiversity in developing countries.

This paper examines the role of direct compensation payments for agrobiodiversity conservation, using minor millet landraces in India as an example.

By Vijesh V. Krishna, Adam G. Drucker, Unai Pascual, Prabhakaran T. Raghu, E.D. Israel Oliver King, 2013

Climate smart nutri-millets for food and nutritional security

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Global Food Security, 29 September - 2 October 2013, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands.

By Israel E.D. Oliver King, Y. Nirmala, N. Kumar, C.S. Mishra, R. Kumar, V. Orsat and S. Padulosi. 2013. , 2013

Creating an economic stake for conserving the diversity of small millets in the Kolli Hills, India.

In Community Biodiversity Management. Promoting resilience and the conservation of plant genetic resources.

By King Israel Oliver E.D., S. Bala Ravi and S. Padulosi, 2013

Minor millets in India: a neglected crop goes Mainstream

In Diversifying Food and Diets using Agricultural biodiversity to improve nutrition and health

(Case study 8)

By Bergamini N., S. Padulosi, S. Bala Ravi and N. Yenagi, 2013

Minor Millets: enabling deployment of underutilized species.

Minor millets are small-seeded species crops, grown around the world for food and fodder. Essential similarities of the members of this group of...

By Global Facilitation Unit (CFU) for Underutilized Species, 2013

Unlocking the potential of minor millets

By Stefano Padulosi, 2011

Integrated Approaches in Small Millets Conservation: A Case from Kolli Hills, India

By Israel Oliver King, E. D., Arivudai Nambi, V. , 2006

Gendered Knowledge and Gender Relations: case studies in two agro-biodiversity-rich locations

By Rengalakshmi, R., Mishra, S., Chaudhury, S. S., Israel oliver King, E. D., Trilochana, R., M. S. Swaminathan Foundation, 2007

Changing Equations: the Impact of SHGs on Gender Relations.

By M. S. Swaminathan Foundation, 2007

A Value Added marketing chain approach for agro Biodiversity conservation: A case study from Kolli Hills.

By Israel Oliver King, E.D., Gopinath, L.R., Sengottuvel, D. , 2003

Bioconservation and Utilization of Small millets.

By M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation , 2002

Application of multispectral remote sensing data and GPS. for area Estimation of Minor Millets in KH, Tamil Nadu.

By Gnanappazham, L., Navamuniammal, M., Rengalakshmi, R., Balalbubramaniam, K., Dhanapal, D., Israel Oliver King, E.D., Krishnakumar, S., 2002

Like Paddy in Rock: Local Institutions and Gender Roles in Kolli Hills.

By M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, 2001